If you’re here for this topic right now, you’re probably either shopping for houses, or trying to figure out when the best time to list your house may be. Either way, it’s good to know when to expect to see houses come on the market, and how to react to that increase in inventory.  Because let’s face it, the buyer’s market in Nashville is basically like a pack of rabid wolves fighting over the bloody entrails of a helpless lamb out to slaughter. The helpless lamb in that metaphor is basically any 3 bed, 2 bath single family home in the greater Nashville area. But fear not, inventory may be low now, but it might get better soon.

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Now – let’s talk about the months of the year and real estate stuff.

We are in the middle of the lowest inventory this housing market has seen in years. Literally this time 2 years ago we had almost triple the amount of houses on the market this time of year. That makes it really difficult to be a buyer right now, it also is a catch 22 for sellers, because although it might seem like a great time to sell your house, imagine having to buy at the moment before you can sell. That would maybe make it seem like it’s better to hold off right?  Avoid the headache and let it ride out?

No. Please people, do not wait if you intend to move.

Rates are incredibly low at the moment, and they’re not going to get better before they get worse. In some areas, and some instances I’m still seeing 2% on home loans for some people, but we’re already up to 3% for most and it’s going to continue to change. Hell, if it stays down, that’s great, but really what are you waiting on? The time to act is when you can get the biggest bang for your buck. The longer you wait, the more your current house will be worth, but that’s because the housing market is going up over all, and that means you’ll also pay more for the house you intend to buy.  So, the real punchline here is to get a house when you can borrow at the best rate, which again, there’s no time like the present.

So let’s get the point of this video then, shall we? The spring brings not only warmer weather, but a spike in buyers’ interest, and typically more houses will come on the market.  I’ll say that to narrow down to a month, you’d really have to average it out, which I have not done.  But I did look at the last couple of years, and suffice to say, the month of May seems to bring the most houses. Now, that said, there are some really interesting trends. It’s fascinating actually, if you like numbers, I don’t, but January brings a lot of houses, then it goes down for a couple months, it’s back up in April, Peaks usually in May, but June is also pretty hot, and then it slowly trends downward toward the end of the year.

Pretty cool.  What do you want to do with this information?

List when inventory goes back down?  Are you making a plan to start looking for houses again when inventory goes back up?

I guess everyone’s situation might be different, but folks, I’m gonna say this again one more time.  Don’t wait, if your intent is to move some real estate, whether you’re buying or selling, right now it’s less about the market, and more about your bottom line. If you think you want to purchase, you should. Likewise, if you’re considering selling, I probably know 4 buyers personally that want what you have and I haven’t even seen it yet.

Ready to make a move?  Let me know, I will help you buy before you sell, and I am not going to sugar coat this experience for you. You might need a valium, and CBD, that Delta 8, the good stuff. But if not, cool man, like, subscribe, let’s stay in touch and I’ll talk about stuff like this again in the next thing.

See you soon.


By Published On: May 24th, 2021

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