MIRROR MIRROR is a store in Donelson that you need to check out! Step inside the Mirror with me and Tracy and Marco (the owners, and badasses behind this eclectic institution) to see their hand-picked vintage, brand new digs, and custom tailoring options. A new Nashville staple for threads, music and more!

Music Credits for this episode:
CORPSE POSE & STRUT are taken from The Serpenteens debut LP, Revolution. https://orcd.co/km98xv9 “Corpse Pose” Music written by Marco Argiro & Arranged by Marco Argiro & Tracy Jean
“Strut” Music Written by Marco Argiro Lyrics Written by Marco Argiro & Tracy Yarbrough
Audio Produced by Marco Argiro & Richard Maheux
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Richard Maheux
Performed by The Serpenteens
Marco Argiro-Guitar, Bass, Vocals, percussion
Tracy Yarbrough- Drum Kit, backing vocals, percussion
Miralva Melo-Gong

Copyright 2021
Outright Rock Music BMI