Seller 123s to Consider Before Selling Your Home
Sellers you may be seeing how I’m talking to buyers. You may have seen my last video about how I think this is a buyers’ market. I’m not gonna lie, I think that’s true. But there are things you can do, you need good plan for how to list your house. Do the thing, hit the like button wherever you’re seeing this right now, please, like do it.

This is another quickie video, I don’t to beat around the bush here. You are in competition with your neighbor right now. The three things that are going to help you the most are:
Curb Appeal. Yes Derek, it’s time to mow the lawn, maybe you need to paint the door, cut the damn vines down dude.
Stage the house. You may not need a professional stager, I work with a lot of creatives who I share great taste with 🙂 But if you do, spend the money, it’s worth it for that extra money for your honey.
It looks good on the outside, it looks good on the inside. Now, bring in the right buyer. Find the needle in the haystack that wants your house. Don’t know how? That’s what I’m here for! That’s what I do.

Now this isn’t a top three, but it’s just as important – you have to price the house according to the market.  How do you know how much it’s worth, Zillow ain’t your friend right now. Talk to me, talk to another real estate professional, get it appraised, there are ways.

I know you don’t have to sell, or maybe you do. Either way, if you’re going to, you can’t just set it and forget it, that’s how you fail. That’s how homes sit on the market for days, and days, and days, you get the picture. Put your plan together, call me, I want to hear about it. I’ll see you in the next one homies.