Where do you find the best deals in any real estate market?

I’m sure 100 other Tubers are going to give you their top 3 tricks of the trade, the best deals an investor will find! By investors for investors! Or whatever other BS. But I don’t think that there is such a thing. I’m going to recommend some hard data. Ok? Something real you can use on your own or with an agent – that will help you find the best deals when investing, and look this should work in pretty much any market – so if you’re in my markets, Middle Tennessee or Northern Alabama, it’ll work, if not, it’ll still work.

Because it’s data, and there’s Zillow and other tools you can use to find this info. Watch the full video – on Youtube, if you’re seeing this somewhere else, or just watching this short – the channel is HomeAgentGroup – and let’s get into it. One data point to rule them all. The one sure thing that you can use to find Hidden Gems in the Real Estate Market and Uncover the Best Deals.

A video by Joshua C. Smith, REALTOR

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By Published On: February 6th, 2024

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