00:00 Can you have your own agent in new construction?
00:26 What about the builder’s agent?
00:57 What’s the real benefit of using my own agent?

It is a foggy day in Narnia today! Burrr… My name is Joshua Smith, I talk about real estate stuff. This is a super easy topic to cover so I’m going to make this fairly quick.

Can you have your own agent when you buy new construction? The short answer is yes. Do you need one? I mean if you’re asking me, then yeah, you need one. But why? As my 5 year old asks all…the…time…

When you buy a new construction home, you go on a tour with a listing agent, they outline everything the community offers, the builder warranty and whatever incentives they offer to pay for you closing costs. Remember the listing agent works for the seller, in this case, the builder. Typically you do have to use their lender in order to get some of those benefits they pitch to you, but the one thing they will always ask in the process is “Are you working with anyone?” Meaning, do you have a buyer’s agent. Therein lies your answer. Yes, you can have a buyer’s agent when buying new construction, and it helps to do so because just like with an existing home, you want to have someone looking out for you, asking the questions you may not think to ask, helping to move things along – a representative in the transaction that is solely looking out for you.

If that’s not enough reason for you, get this, the seller, ie: the builder, typically pays the agency fees, so you’re not paying for that as a buyer in most instances in today’s housing market.

Welcome to 2023, I hope to hear from you if you’re planning to buy or sell in my areas, middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama. Like and Subscribe, and I’ll talk to you soon.