Summary: A video featuring a short list of some of the best gift stores in Nashville for your Holiday shopping needs… by personality type! This isn’t your average gift idea list!


If your family is anything like mine – then you, like me, might struggle to find gifts for all the personalities. Cause, let’s get real folks, I gotta do a lot of scrolling when I search “gifts for mom” on Etsy. I mean I can find something but 90% of what the algorithm spits out is not gonna cut for my wife, the mother of my children, or my mom. So let’s layout a few personality types I know I can relate to. Hopefully you can find something to relate to. Either way you’re going to learn about some great local shops you won’t find anywhere else.

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Quick rundown before we hit the road – here are the personality types we’re covering today..

“The Woo Woo” or some might prefer “Hippie”. I’m not gonna say I’m not one. I make meditation music under 4 different names… The store I’m going to suggest works for all of those under this moniker.
“The Artist” – An introvert maybe? There is far better than Micheal’s and JOANN’s, trust me. “The Rock Star” – They may not work in the music industry at all, but you know the type… and trust me, you can get a lot out of this suggestion for the pro, the wannabe or gonna-be in all of us.
“The Stylist” – She or he, deserves the latest and greatest – and honestly if they do shop at Nordstrom, just go there and let the personal shopper guide you. But if not, I’ve got a couple good tips. Now for some more general types because some people are normal…
“The Control Freak” – as the songs goes… “Let it go, Let it go-o”- that’s all I have to say.
“The Average Joe” or Jill… Hey some people are meat and potatoes and just need a sweatshirt, so let’s get them covered too.
The “Hard to Shop For” – Yep.

And obviously, if you have kids – I’ve got two – you’re looking for ages and development… I’m a dad, I’m not leaving them out on this but let’s go ahead and just cover that now… What my wife have started doing because we have family all over is just sending out a link to an Amazon list that we tailor to the things we want the kids to have. I know, it’s not supporting local, but it takes a lot of the guessing out even if someone wants to veer off that list at least they have a general idea of the interests of the kids’ and the parents’ wants. Ok! That pretty much covers my family, hopefully yours too…

Let’s hit the road.

By Published On: December 12th, 2022

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