“Do you need a real estate agent?” Joshua Smith is… The REALTOR Man!

The concept for this commercial started toward the end of last year and took months to pull together, but I could not be more proud with the final product, it was SO much fun to shoot, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with!! It’s about #inclusion. It’s about #diversity. It’s NOT about politics… But hey, if there needed to be a statement about current events or someone wants to share it for that purpose… peace be with you, and also with them ❤️

Watch the full video with credits on YouTube.com/homeagentgroup (link in bio)

Special thanks to all those that made this possible… in no particular order…

The CAST 👯‍♀️
Obsinity @confessingsin
Sasha Dereon @thesashadereon
Vanity Hunter @theonlyvanity
Jaxson Stone @king_jax_stone
Jacob Crenshaw @khloe30
The CREW 🎥

Producer, Stylist, Talent Wrangler > Ginger Sharp (my beautiful partner in all things) @makeupbygingersharp
Cinemaphotographer > Tim Duggen @timothyariel
Assistant Director > Michael Mallicote @mallicote
Camera Assistant > James Gibson @jamesgibsonvideography
@truesourceent / A True Source Entertainment Production