If you dread the shorter days and longer, colder nights in the winter, you’re not alone — it’s hard for a home to look its best when it’s dark, soggy, and surrounded by browning landscaping — but selling during a time when there’s less competition can come with its own benefits. Here are the top ways to nail that winter sale.

  1. Stay on top of outdoor spaces. In colder climates, a snowy or icy driveway or sidewalk will discourage visitors from coming in to see the property. Shovel regularly, and use rock salt or ice melt to keep the paths clear. In warmer climates, rake leaves, prune overgrown trees and bushes, and avoid over watering outdoor plants. Too much water during the winter months can affect your outdoor aesthetic for showings.
  2. Keep the indoor cozy and clean. Resist the temptation to try and save on utility bills and keep the thermostat good and comfortable. Add fluffy throw blankets to beds and sofas so that visitors can see for themselves how cozy this home will be in the winter. If there are any windows or doors that let in cold drafts, now is the time to correct that.
  3. Light it up. Winter tends to be darker, so now is the time to prioritize making the home appear bright. Keep shades and curtains open, turn on all the lights (including exterior), and if necessary, add standing lamps and table lamps or replace bulbs in rooms that feel dim.
  4. Keep everything clean. Dead leaves, rain, and snow can lead to dirty exteriors and floors in a flash. If there was ever a time for doubling up on welcome mats, it’s a winter home showing! Make sure there are ample ways for guests to wipe their feet, store their coats or umbrellas, and set down their wet shoes. Keep an eye on the exterior of the home to make sure it isn’t getting visibly muddy and grimy. Also, homes can get very dusty in the winter because the air is so dry. When dusting, don’t forget ceiling fans, the tops of windows, and books on the shelf – all of which can collect dust easily.
  5. Have spring/summer photos on hand. If possible, be prepared to showcase images of the home in the spring or summer. Even if visitors can’t see the beautiful landscaping or inviting swimming pool during their visit, you can still demonstrate how appealing those things will be in the proper season.

Despite common wisdom on what seasons are best to sell a house, your buyers won’t always be willing to wait. With the right preparation, you can guide them to that sale regardless of the season.  Call us today if you have any questions about listing your home for sale!