As you know, Nashville just got hit by a tornado this week. If you’ve been directly affected, I hope you have been able to find resources in the volunteers that are going out right now to help clean up and get you ready for the rebuilding process about to take place.

My thoughts are with you. Whether you need help, or you’re looking to offer help – check the Crisis page on Facebook – people are posting everyday what’s needed, and what they’re offering. It’s a great place to start.

One major point to address about real estate transactions that may have been affected by this tornado:

Pretty much every property under contract right now that was affected, will be required to have an appraiser reinspect. This is a normal protocol. If you’re selling, you should assess any damage, and you will need to update the property condition disclosure as soon as possible. We should all be prepared for delays these assessments and reinspections can cause. That said, this is just the beginning. Relief efforts for this level of devastation will last months, in some cases years – but Nashville is resilient and I’m hopeful will be back in working shape very soon. If you’re one of the fortunate that can be out there a lot to help and volunteer, just be sure to take time for yourself so you can have the stamina needed to get through this till the end. And if you’re one of those affected, know that this is just a stepping stone to a brighter horizon. Let us help, we’re here and want to offer anything and everything we can. Stay Strong Nashville.