Let’s go over a couple quick tips for getting your house ready to sell. Now I’ve covered this in the past, you can see my Seller Checklist series in my Playlists, or by clicking the card up to the right – here [top right of screen]. But there are a few basic things we should cover that can help pretty much anyone looking for some good advice on prepping their home for sale.

Three things that everyone covers are Cleaning, Curb Appeal and Staging – we all know that’s important – but what’s important about it? Well, cleaning isn’t just tidying up – you need to PRE pack your house. Get rid of anything smaller than a grapefruit and focus on the small things, like the baseboards. No body thinks to clean the baseboards, but every buyer is going to see a dirty baseboard as soon as they walk in the door. Also remove all that personal stuff – anything with a face should be taken down off the walls and shelves. You want to look half way out the door and detached from the property. Like you’re ready to sell!

Staging is a bit much, so I’ll probably cover that another time, but basically you want every room to serve the purpose of the room. So don’t leave a dresser in the living room – even if it’s what’s holding up your TV. Find another way.

Lastly – if it’s broke, fix it. Both inside and outside the house. Unless you plan to sell as is, but do our market a favor and price it accordingly if you’re not going to do the work. And even if you’re selling as is, you want people to know “this is the place” when they walk up, so give the curb a little appeal. Add a nice cactus plant to the front porch, or a poinsettia if you feel daring. Heck, paint the front door! Put a bow on it at least and maybe a “welcome” mat. You want people to know it’s going to be their next home.

If you’d like a checklist to help you out, I have a free download you can get right now on my website,

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