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Some Great things about East Nashville

Let’s try to describe East Nashville without using the word, “hip” – although this side of town is one of the main reasons why Nashville has its label as one of the “IT” cities.

This is a creator mecca – if you’re a songwriter, visual artist, filmmaker, photographer, or just an entrepreneur, whether you choose to live here or not, you’ll be here often!  It houses many boutiques for clothing *new and vintage* as well as for art and general shopping.

There are also many eclectic neighborhood hotspots that are walkable: Lockeland Springs which houses many cool intersections like the famous 5 points and the Porter/Eastland area, and don’t forget McFerrin Park, Cleveland Park, or Riverside Village in Inglewood. It might be worth a neighborhood tour just to figure out where you want to be, and we’d be happy to provide one! Take a look around and let us know.

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