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Some Great things about Downtown Nashville, TN

Though East Nashville has given Nashville edge as far as being eclectic, and unique.  Downtown houses so much of what has made Nashville famous, and continues to bring tourists and transplants year over year. Starting at what used to be known as “Lower Broadway” you have the honky tonks and bars along 2nd Ave, up Broadway to around the Convention Center, there’s also Printer’s Alley, and other touristy spots all along the center of Downtown.

This area provides hustle and bustle, and though Nashville isn’t known for it’s public transportation, you have everything you need down there from shopping to dining, and entertainment. Move out a little North and you enter Germantown, where there’s serious dining and eclectic fare.  Swing around through the main Farmer’s Market along 8th and you’ll see many places to wine, dine and shop, many condo high rises, and plenty of business.

Enter the Midtown and eventually the Gulch, and the crowd starts to get a little younger – as this area seems to attract a college age audience – no surprise since it’s close to Vanderbilt University, music row, and some of our most famous bars and high end clubs.  On the southeast corner of Downtown you also have Sobro – this area is again full of vibrant youth and energy.

A lot of new development is happening all over these areas, so it’s worth spending a few days down there, getting out on the town both at day and night to see what it’s all about!

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