Commercial and Multifamily Real Estate is made simpler by working with a REALTOR.

What’s different about real estate today?

Commercial Real Estate is seeing major shifts in today’s market place. Having larger scale partners with companies like CBRE, NAI and others can be very helpful for larger scale goals, but what about one-offs, smaller operations, minor portfolio expansions?

More aptly put, what if you want a one-on-one relationship with an agent that has all the skills you’re looking for and access to the best deals? That’s where we fit perfectly.

When it comes to the perfect partner, you’re looking for someone that can:

  • Find you the best deals based on your needs and investment interests
  • Negotiate the best prices keeping your interest in mind
  • Handle the contract to close process so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Bring the deal to close readily, easily and efficiently

I am the REALTOR partner you’re looking for.

Real estate is an industry that separates the wheat from the chaff. Agents tend to muddy the waters with unnecessary propaganda and stories about how to do this, or where to put that… I’m a no nonsense business person.  My clients will tell you, I do everything in my power to set the right expectations out of the gate and get you what you need in the end.

I’m ready for your plans:

  • Renovations / remodels and flipping for profit
  • Sourcing the best deals for long term leasing, single family and multi family
  • STRP properties / both owner occupied and non owner occupied
  • Commercial investments and development strategy

I not only have the experience you’re looking for in a real estate partner, I also bring much more to the table than the average agent. I own a production and branding company, through which I deliver all listing marketing materials, so there are no outsourced marketing expenses. The websites, the photos, videos, walkthrough tours, all of it.

Tell me about your business, let’s work together.

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    What are you current goals?

    Do you work with any other agents now?

    Anything I need to know about your business in particular? What are you looking for in a REALTOR partner?