Work with an agent that does it all so you don’t have to.

Looking for a listing agent?  My name is Joshua Smith.

Builders looking for a listing agent should not have to fight for a good one. Listing in this town is cut and dry.  But people tend to muddy the waters with unnecessary propaganda and stories about how to do this, or where to put that… I’m a no nonsense business person.  My clients will tell you, I do everything in my power to set the right expectations out of the gate and get you what you need in the end.

I not only have the experience you’re looking for in a real estate partner, I also bring much more to the table than the average agent. I own a production and branding company, through which I deliver all listing marketing materials, so there are no outsourced marketing expenses. The websites, the photos, videos, walkthrough tours, all of it.

Here are the facts.

Our Listings have sold for an average of 4.3%, and as high as 8.2% over the asking price.
Home Agent Group was formed in 2019 to best serve the needs of residential buyers and sellers, as well as commercial real estate business owners, developers and all types of real estate investors.
Our days on market range from 3 Days, with as little as a few hours in Day 1, up to 4 days.

How I will sell your listing.

Once we create a photo package and walkthrough video (whether with staged photos as you’ll see, or with photos of new construction), we will establish a website to feature your brand and listing product.

By marketing through the MLS we will reach the open market of all buyers interested in a property like yours.  But also through my network of agents and investors, I am confident we will find a long line of buyers that are ready, willing and able to offer on your product.

I don’t mean to make it sounds easy, but it really is that simple.

Walkthrough Video Tour

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